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June 2011

Occupational Licenses

As you know, employee apps have been sidelined for a while - HOWEVER, you MUST have all employee apps filled out COMPLETELY and in your store/grow or IPM. They will also want to see the "employee list" in your grow, IPM or MMC

Occupational Licenses

Julie from MMED says:
Hello All,
Would you help us get the message out to the industry that we are asking them not to send employees to our office for Occupational Licensesuntil July 5th or after.The MMED will not be issuing sanctions against those businesses whose employees do not meet the July 1, 2011 Occupational License requirement until individuals in the area where the business is in operation have had a reasonable time to obtain their licenses.

Waste Disposal

Waste disposal: after rendering the marijuana unusable, you must then dispose of it at a dump (not approved or certified) and get a receipt for your waste disposal.

Drug Felons

If you have a non-drug felony in your criminal history, you can work in the medical marijuana industry in Colorado 5 years after you have completed your court requirements.  That means 5 years after you have completed parole, probation, or the sentence.  The 5 year clock starts ticking after you have completed everything.

Due Date

Please be aware that all industry employees and owners need an occupational license as of July 1, 2011.

Rules are here

Are you ready for July 1, 2011?
It is time that you take a look at whether you are in compliance. As you know, 1284, the new rules and the rules from 1043 will be going into effect on July 1, 2011. Are you prepared? A couple of major concerns....
Do you have an employee manual that details what your employees can and cannot do? Protocol? Hygene issues, hours of operation, persons permitted inside, 72 hours to report; how to check patients with applications -- the new 35 day rule ...
Are you prepared to provide MMED - the NEW REGISTRY - with your plant counts?
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