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Denver City Council

Brown/Nevitt as of 2/7/11 "Bad Things?"

While much improved over the Montero or Boigon Amendments,  the Brown/Nevitt ordinance  still has issues.

Sec 24-508(c) expands the MMCs map making requirements

Sect 24-508(c) while having a "grandfather" clauses for pre-July 2010 business,  appears to limit those "outs" to those business where the original applicant for the licensing is still part of the business.

This section seems to conflict with section 24-511(b) where the grandfather appears to run with the property not the person.

New Draft of Brown/Nevitt: Good Things?

There might actually be some positive steps forward with the latest draft of the Brown/Nevitt bill.

Sec 24-502(1) Gives a clear definition of "alcohol and drug treatment facility", now get measuring.

Sec 24-503(f) Indicates the councils intent not to regulate primary care-givers with this ordinance.

Sec 24-507 (d) says the city doesn't have to do a background check if the state already has.

The key being the fact that a lot of the unnecessary restrictions that were present in the Montero Amendments and Boigon Amendments are no longer present.

Boigon Amendments

Council woman Boigon, a Denver mayoral candidate, has proposed 9 Amendments to the Brown/Nevitt ordinance.  They are horrible and would have a devastating effect on the industry.
Her proposals would cap all OPCOs at 10,000 square feet.  Her proposals would prohibit MMCs, OPCOs, and IPMs, from being within 1,000 feet of any park, residential zoned district, school, college campus, senior services facility,  or alcohol and drug treatment facility.
There is a very limited "grandfather" provision, but even that ends after 2 years.

Denver City Council

I am amazed by the overall dislike of the Medical Marijuana Industry displayed by the Denver City Council.

Denver voters should be contacting their City Council and let them know they do not like the Council forcing law abiding businesses to close resulting in a loss in jobs, rent, and taxes.

We have added the latest drafts as well as City Council contact information to our website.

Please take the time to politely contact your representatives.
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